The Books That Are Getting Us There

IMG_2484“Do you have a stack of books that you’ve always wanted to conquer but have not had the time?”- Friends of Atticus, August 6th, 2012

This time last year we began a voyage…
an exploration…
a quest…
to catalog written works. We came together to share our real-life experiences and nostalgic connections brought forth through literature.

We are the Friends of Atticus; patrons of reading and reading experiences. We are represented by different locations (Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, South Korea, China…) and by different vocations (Creative Writing Professor, Pie Maker, Microbiologist, Homemaker…), but we are brought together to foster a community of literature. We hope to inspire others to start perusing the leaves through sharing the experiences we have reading books. We are sharing the books that are getting us there. As we said this time last year,

Traditional book blogs are nice if you need a review before you buy a book or some cliff notes for a paper due the next day, but we want to offer more than that. We hope to read some good books and tell you why they are good, but even more so we want to tell the story of the everyday experience of interacting with the books we read. Every book has two stories: the one written and the one lived by the reader.

And we have told a few stories. In fact, in the first year of Friends of Atticus we have:

  • read 79 books
  • read 21,503 pages
  • published reviews from 16 different authors
  • accumulated almost 6000 page views
  • boasted page hits from 90 different nations (see The Reaches)

Looking throughout a library, it is easy to get lost in the walls and walls of books, each one with its unique story and experiences. One could spend years just reading through one aisle, and this is where we need your help. As we begin our next trek around the sun, help push way past 22,000 pages. Get involved. Let us know what books you are interested in. Let us know the story lived by the reader. We want you to become a Friend of Atticus.

For those who have supported us this past year, thank you. Thank you for becoming a part of our memories in the future, and we hope you continue to stop by.


What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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