One Good Dog, by Susan Wilson

OneGoodDog[1]One Good Dog, by Susan Wilson, is an engaging book about a man learning to understand the people in his life through his relationship with his dog. The storyline parallels the lives of an abused Pit Bull used in dog fights named Chance and a top-level executive with anger issues named Adam March. At the beginning of the book it’s hard to tell what these two have in common.  However, as the book progresses and their characters develop, it is apparent that these two are kindred spirits.  The story is told from two points of view:  the chapters about Chance are written in first person as the dog narrates while the chapters about Adam March are written in third person.  This results in Chance having the personal point of view in the story.

We follow two underdogs as they come to terms with some difficult circumstances in their lives. Adam March is an extremely successful businessman. Even though as a child he grew up so poor that all he owned could be fit inside a paper bag,   he manages to acquire all of the possessions anyone could ever want.  Houses, cars, vacations, a family… you name it.  We watch him lose everything as a result of a mistake he makes professionally.  After his downfall, the reader gets to watch Adam discover what really is important in life.  What things actually make a person happy?  What type of people do you really want to be associated with?  Who is temporary and who is permanent?  Which one feels better:  pride or humility… arrogance or kindness?

I will admit it…I LOVE the underdog.  I am almost always on the side of the person no one thinks will win.  I love people who have had the cards stacked against them and still try really hard to come out on top.  People who have been through many trials in their lives and made it through to the other side… those are my type of people.  I have seen for myself how rewarding it can be to alleviate something from my life that is harming me.  I have learned personally that my biggest hardship can also be my biggest blessing.  My worst foe can be my greatest teacher.  Failure becomes a blessing when it helps me develop empathy for other people. I enjoy associating with others who have found this to be true in their own lives. Consequently, I found One Good Dog to be quite a compelling book.

Pages: 336, FOA Pages: 21,503

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