The Books that Got Us There

Edited with the Percolator App for IPhone, and it comes highly recommended.

Do you ever wonder if you would get more now out of the books you read in high school than you did at the time of your teacher’s beckoning?
Have you every walked down the aisle of a library just staring at the walls built and mortared with books upon books?
Do you have a stack of books that you’ve always wanted to conquer but have not had the time?
Enter Friends of Atticus.

We are the Friends of Atticus; patrons of reading and reading experiences. We come from different parts of the world. We have different vocations, but we are brought together in order to spark an enthusiasm for reading through sharing the experiences we have reading books. We want to share the books that got us there.

Traditional book blogs are nice if you need a review before you buy a book or some cliff notes for a paper due the next day, but we want to offer more than that. We hope to read some good books and tell you why they are good, but even more so we want to tell the story of the everyday experience of interacting with the books we read. Every book has two stories: the one written and the one lived by the reader.

We know that you have experiences too, and Friends of Atticus hope that you feel inspired to share your stories and books. Tell us what you’re reading. Get involved with us. Start dusting off those book covers of that stack in the corner.




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